About Us

Our Team of Experts make a difference for consumers and society.

5 Star Web Reviews is an independent, nonprofit member organization that works side by side with consumers for truth, transparency, and fairness in the marketplace. In addition to our rigorous research, investigative journalism, and consumer advocacy, we work with other organizations, including media, consumer groups, research and testing consortiums, and philanthropic partners to inform purchase decisions, improve the products and services that businesses deliver, and drive regulatory and fair competitive practices.

We also license our content and testing and research data, as well as work with business partners to offer shopping and other consumer services, and may receive fees from these programs. We maintain a strict separation between our commercial operations and our testing and editorial operations. Our testing and editorial teams decide which products to test and review; our external business partners or other third parties do not dictate or control these decisions.

We’re obsessive consumers: We don’t just want to know which services are the best to sink our money into, but also why. We drill down to find out exactly what makes something great, and then hold it up for the world to see. Our passion for excellence is matched only by our dedication to the truth. We know there are a lot of voices out there, and every decision we make is rooted in earning your trust.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, what we do at 5 Star Web Reviews must be as transformative and groundbreaking as the new technologies, products and services entering people’s lives every day. We are passionate about our work because we know how much is at stake for you. We succeed in our mission every time your family gets a little bit safer, your finances get more secure, new technologies get more trustworthy, and the future gets that much brighter. Together we are creating a safe, fair, and transparent marketplace.

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