How to Ask for Reviews–What Works?

Knowing how to ask for online reviews is an important business skill that will pay off well. 

Here’s what works–before asking, determine the optimized answers to the following four questions:

  1. Why do you want your customers’ reviews? The answer should be something along the lines of, “ We value feedback because we want to better serve our customers.”
  2. Who should you ask for a review? All customers should be your thought here. Don’t just ask happy customers. You want to instill authenticity and trust, which means everyone needs to be heard, not just your loyalists.
  3. How should you send the invitation to leave a review? Texting is a very successful means to gather feedback, but you can also consider email invites and online surveys.
  4. When should you send the invitation? Typically, immediately after an interaction is the best time to do it, but following up a few days later is also a good idea.