What Is Review Marketing?

Review marketing is a form of online reputation management in which your business works to get new positive reviews while managing neutral and negative reviews.

Most websites that allow customers to review your business operate on a five-star rating scale. This means that customers can typically give you a rating from 0-5 stars.

Here’s how we define negative, neutral and positive reviews based on a five-star rating scale:

  • 0-2 stars = negative review
  • 3 stars = neutral review
  • 4-5 stars = positive review

Because star rating is the most important part of an online review for most consumers, businesses should work to obtain or maintain a five-star rating, but it’s a lot of hard work.

Here are a few ways Renown, our reputation management platform, helps businesses like yours generate new positive reviews:

  • Gathering customer emails or phone numbers with our check-in feature
  • Sending out a specific number of emails each month rather than all at once to try to consistently get new reviews over time—rather than getting a lot at once and then none for a long time
  • Filtering out negative reviews by asking unhappy customers for private feedback
  • Sending you instant email or text message alerts when a new review comes in so that you can respond and manage any negatives that make it through the filter