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Best free unlimited Email Marketing Software for Small Business.

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i-AutoResponder is a very popular email automation tool for Affiliate and Internet Marketers.

But is it right for you? 

Let’s find out.

In this i-AutoResponder review, we’ll see just how good this newsletter marketing and email automation software holds up. We’ll look at all the features, i-AutoResponder pricing, Pros and Cons and alternatives.

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business

free unlimited autoresponderi-AutoResponder is a simple email marketing tool for sending newsletters and setting up marketing automation workflows to help increase your business’ marketing quality and efficiency, while reducing preparation time and resources.

i-AutoResponder offers enough options to provide a solution for the majority of business needs. i-AutoResponder provides a full portfolio of services – from helping setting up first campaign, to providing full content and design services, integrations, consultation for best customer targeting and help nailing down campaign statistics.

  i-AutoResponder guarantees delivery rates and speed for your messages. The reporting and statistics of i-AutoResponder give the ability for the company to recognize valuable subscribers that create profit, and deliver to them personalized messages, targeted and customized to their needs and interests, to increase engagement and bring revenues.

i-Autoresponder’s most important features

i-AutoResponder has some cool functionality up its sleeve. Here are the most notable i-AutoResponder features:

  1. Send email campaigns. Create email newsletters with i-AutoResponder, send your email promotions, or use RSS to automatically send digests from your blog content.
  2. A/B split testing. Email campaign optimization with A/B split testing of subject lines, email content, and more.
  3. Grow your audience. Create forms and targeted pop-ups from i-AutoResponder on your site as email list builders and get more subscribers.
  4. Segment your subscribers. You can group by their characteristics (for example, age, gender, country), by their activities (emails clicked, opened) and make lists.
  5. Bounce Management: You get access to a log of soft and hard email bounces. Hard bounces are removed automatically.
  6. Reports and Analytics: All of the must-have email marketing metrics as well as email click-map, google analytics integration and geo-tracking
  7. Opt-In Forms: i-AutoResponder’s subscription forms are dynamic. You can customize them to fit your brand. The more sophisticated features include captcha verification and automatic data population (so people don’t have to fill in there name etc twice)
  8. List Management: You can easily manage your mailing lists. Import, export, and edit contacts.
  9. Email segmentation: Segment your audiences based on your subscriber’s demographics, actions taken, and lead scores.
  10. Email Marketing Automation: i-AutoResponder offers plenty of email automation functionality. For example, the workflow editor lets you to target leads based on their on-site actions, web behavior, email engagement, etc.
  11. Transactional Emails: Through SMTP, you can directly send transactional emails. For instance receipts and order confirmations, password resets. Etc!
  12. Build your website and landing pages. With i-AutoResponder you can not only build emails, but also landing pages, opt-in forms and (mini) sites.
  13. Marketing automation. Start with a simple automatic welcome email flow. Or, build a ten-stage, multi-flow-step onboarding process for new customers. Powerful.
  14. Great pricing and value for money. i-AutoResponder is very cheap compared to its competitors. You get a lot of value for money.
  15. Solid support. 24/7 live chat support to troubleshoot any issues you might have on all paid plans.

Sending your email campaigns in i-AutoResponder

Of course, i-AutoResponder can send regular email campaigns, but more advanced functionality is available as well. Moving on with the i-AutoResponder reviews… Let’s walk through the four types of email campaigns you can send:

  • Email campaigns: Your standard email send. Give the campaign a name, target a group of subscribers, and create an email to send them.
  • A/B split campaigns: Optimise your emails. Test one email against another – whether it’s the subject lines, content, or From name for email campaign optimization.
  • Auto resend campaigns: Similar to a regular campaign, but now the campaign is resent to those who didn’t react to your first send. Handy to increase opens and clicks.
  • RSS campaign: Have a blog? Automate new campaigns going out as you put your new content on your website. Ideal for bloggers and low maintenance email newsletters.

Email analytics in i-AutoResponder

In the stats section is where we find the reporting on your list. You can run the stats of either “all subscribers”, or a specific group. MailerLite will pull together all the data for this group and give you a drill-down.

Email stats available are: list growth, average open and click rate, and unsubscribe metrics. Additionally, you can see top domains and email clients.

Cool feature: Automatically remove non-engaged subscribers
The last tab is a cool feature called “Clean up inactive”. It quickly finds and unsubscribes people on your list who haven’t opened an email for six months. This will help you keep a clean and engaged list, improving deliverability, and reducing the chance of hitting the spam box. Of course, it’s in everyone’s best interest to get you in the inbox and high email deliverability.

Subscriber management in i-AutoResponder

The subscriber and list management features in MailerLite are solid without being overwhelming.

  • Group subscribers dynamically (via segments) or statically (via groups)
  • Create your own new fields
  • Report on email subscribers

It’s segmentation features that allow you to do more sophisticated email marketing.

Email automation in i-AutoResponder

i-Autoresponder Automation brings automated email flows to your subscribers. For example, set up a welcome email series using i-Autoresponder software. Initially, you’ll land on the i-Autoresponder Automations dashboard.

How does email automation work in i-AutoResponder?

To kickstart an automated workflow, you’ll need a ‘Trigger.’ The trigger starts the automation.

For example, a visitor could subscribe to your email list (i.e., the trigger), which then automatically sends out an email campaign (i.e., the automation), Got it?

When you go to create a new workflow, i-AutoResponder offers you four entry points to choose from:

  1. Email activity (opens and clicks)
  2. Contact details
  3. When a contact submits a form
  4. Website activity

Setting up an email automation workflow is very simple. i-AutoResponder provides a step-by-step guide as you create your first workflow. Plus, there are always tutorials available inside of i-AutoResponder’s knowledge base if you want to have a second look.

We’ll create a workflow and build out our automated flows in the automation editor. Start with a trigger. What’s starting this workflow?

Available automation triggers in i-AutoResponder

  • When a subscriber joins a group
  • A link gets clicked
  • When a subscriber completes a form
  • When a subscriber’s field is updated
  • The anniversary of a date
  • The exact match of a particular date from your database

This means you can trigger workflows on obvious things like form fills and subscribing – but also the end of a free trial (based on a date), when they join particular groups, and so on.

By adding decision steps in MailerLite, you can build quite advanced automation. lt is more than enough for those that don’t have super complex needs. And who reviews MailerLite for automation, it has automation tutorial videos available to get you started.

i-AutoResponder Review: What do we think of the Email Campaigns?

The email automation side of i-Autoresponder is great value-for-money. It’s included in every plan. You can use automation to power quite sophisticated setups.

Most time in email marketing software is spent in email creation, so it needs to be good. i-Autoresponder doesn’t disappoint.

  • Solid email marketing platform with many features
  • Strong email editor with 60+ modern email templates
  • Easy to use, and several advanced features (YouTube embeds, yes please!)

Overall, we are impressed by what you get for the price here. The email editor has loads of features. With the email templates, you will have a head start on creating beautiful email campaigns. It’s very easy to use (Mailchimp users will feel right at home) and at the same time, you can do quite advanced things.

i-AutoResponder vs Mailchimp – Email services compared

Looking for an email service like Mailchimp? This is the comparison many people will be making: Mailchimp vs i-AutoResponder

Quickly breaking it down:

  • Email editor. i-AutoResponder versus MailChimp email editing experience is close. Both are very easy to use.
  • Pricing: i-AutoResponder is on average X% cheaper than Mailchimp. how much cheaper depends on the number of subscribers.
  • Send postcards. Mailchimp allows you to send postcards as you would email campaigns to 27 countries. i-AutoResponder doesn’t.
  • Web building functionality. i-AutoResponder’s webpage builder is stronger, and they provide more templates to get started.
  • Automation functionality. This isn’t very close – you can do much more automation with MailerLite compared to i-AutoResponder
  • Ad functionality. Mailchimp allows you to create Google Adwords and Facebook / Instagram ads from within their platform. You’d do it directly in the ad platform if you are using i-AutoResponder.

The rest of it likely comes down to personal preference. Both platforms are very good at what they do and offer an impressive range of features for a very reasonable price.

How Much Does i-AutoResponder Email Marketing Cost?

There’s a good chance you’re very interested in i-AutoResponder pricing. After all, i-AutoResponder could be the best email marketing software in the world, but if it’s massively out of your budget, then it would be a no-go.

Luckily that’s not the case; i-AutoResponder, compared to its competitors, is very cheap email marketing software.

So how much does i-AutoResponder cost? There is a free and a paid plan. i-AutoResponder costs are based on the volume of emails, rather than the size of your email list. So it doesn’t matter whether you have a list of ten subscribers or 1,000,000, you won’t have to fork out any extra.

About the forever free email marketing software plan

You’ll be happy to hear i-AutoResponder has a forever free plan. This is great for trying i-AutoResponder before committing any of your hard-earned cash.

What you need to know about the free plan

    • If you’re just starting to build your email list and you have anywhere between one and 10.000 subscribers, The i-AutoResponder free plan should be enough to meet your needs.
    • There are only a few restrictions on the free plan.
    • The free plan gets you 300 daily emails (9,000 a month). Email automation is free for up to 20,000 email subscribers (which includes both tracking and lead scoring).

As free email marketing software plans go, this is an incredibly good deal.

So what does i-AutoResponder cost? It has a forever free plan and then, depends on your send volume up to $97/year.

Pros (what we like about them)

  • Great email deliverability right out the gate
  • Wide range of features for advanced users
  • Machine learning to improve your marketing results over time
  • The email builder, though not the slickest, is powerful and gives you a lot of versatility
  • The CRM is seamlessly integrated with the automations to improve efficiencies in your organization

i-AutoResponder Review: Conclusion and Scoring

i-AutoResponder is an email marketing service, with much more punch than just email blast software. You can create email campaigns for FREE, automate a new subscriber onboarding process, and build and host your landing page. Can’t beat that.

  • i-AutoResponder is simple and effective. It is newsletter software that does the job.
  • The i-AutoResponder email editor is easy to use, and the whole system is easy to set up.
  • They have an excellent free plan and paid plans are cheaper than competitors like Mailchimp.
  • Automation is effective, yet not as elaborate as full marketing automation tools.
  • With all the features you expect, i-AutoResponder is certainly worth its salt.

We recommend i-AutoResponder for:
Companies with a bit of experience with email marketing or those ready to take their efforts to the next level and start with marketing automation. You don’t need to be an expert – beginners should follow the onboarding video’s and you are set.

Looking at value for money with all the i-AutoResponder automation and email marketing, CRM and more features, my verdict is that you can’t go wrong with i-AutoResponder

Email marketing is an important part for many online businesses, and there’s a very good reason. Thanks to the i-AutoResponder free plan, you can test the tool with no investment, see if you like it for yourself. Then, if you need, can upgrade to a paid plan and get some additional perks + more send volume.

Price list of packages?

Where to Buy Unlimited Email Marketing Service

Unlimited FREE Autoresponder Best Values

It is one of the best choices for bloggers, small businesses, and senders that like a clean email interface.
Use coupon AWESOME to get 70% discount

STANDARD Email Marketing Service Most functional

Looking at value-for-money, i-AutoResponder is an amazing tool. The functionality you get for what you pay is almost unheard of for email marketing software. It could very well serve your email marketing needs.
$98.90$249.00 Activate

PROFESSIONAL Full lifetime Service Best Price

Full Email Marketing Service – from helping setting up first campaign, to providing full content and design services, integrations, consultation for best customer targeting and help nailing down campaign statistics.
$390.90$980.00 Activate Read full review
Use coupon SMARTTV20
  • i-AutoResponder is great software for starters and advanced marketers.
  • Marketing automation is where it shines. Do every automation you ever dreamed of.
  • We found the tool easy to set up and use – once you get the hang of it.

i-AutoResponder offers enough options to provide a solution for the majority of business needs. i-AutoResponder provides a full portfolio of services – from helping setting up first campaign, to providing full content and design services, integrations, consultation for best customer targeting and help nailing down campaign statistics.

The email solution aims to cover the needs of any company operating online that wants to inform its customers and readers about news, products, services and offers via email newsletters.

With i-AutoResponder an email marketer gets automatic list management – deleting unsubscribe requests and managing bounces, it is done automatically by the system.

Moosend guarantees delivery rates and speed for your messages. The reporting and statistics of i-AutoResponder give the ability for the company to recognize valuable subscribers that create profit, and deliver to them personalized messages, targeted and customized to their needs and interests, to increase engagement and bring revenues.

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FREE Unlimited AutoResponder Service
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