Is Fiverr Legit, Scam or Worth it?

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Are you getting sick of reading conflicting Fiverr reviews? When all you really want to know is: is Fiverr reliable? Is Fiverr safe and, most importantly, is Fiverr a legit website?

Fiverr Review

Fiverr is a good platform for freelancers and buyers, but it’s important to rely on your own expertise, as low-cost gigs – even the ones that have a 5-star rating – may end up hurting your business. It’s easy to become a seller on Fiverr and make money if you have a skill and willing to work.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a platform for freelancers (marketplace) where you can buy and sell services. At this point, it is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for digital services that has a database of more than 3 million gigs. Fiverr has been on the market since 2010.

Originally each gig cost $5; hence the name. In 2014, Fiverr removed the $5 price limit. As the marketplace continues to grow, the quality and quantity of gigs have increased dramatically, and now you can find pretty much any digital service there.

How Does Fiverr Work?

Fiverr is an incredibly user-friendly platform. The site is super intuitive and offers several great tools to help you weed through the massive pool of talent.  Fiverr works just like any other marketplace. Sellers list their services (gigs) and buyers who are interested in these services ask questions and if they are satisfied with answers, purchase them. Fiverr works like a middleman guaranteeing both parties are happy with the end result. Fiverr withholds 20% of every transaction. Once the seller delivered the gig and the buyer confirmed the delivery, Fiverr will pay the seller within 2 weeks (faster if you are a trusted member).

A seller level is based on delivery time, customer satisfaction, and service quality.

These are the four seller levels:

  • New Seller – This is where every freelancer starts. It’s a sign that a seller is relatively inexperienced.
  • Level One Seller – A seller can reach the first level after 60 days, but only if they’ve completed at least 10 gigs with a high level of satisfaction.
  • Level Two Seller – Only sellers who have been on Fiverr for 120 days and have delivered 50 highly-rated and on-time orders will reach this level.
  • Top-Rated Seller – If a seller’s Top Rated, it’s an excellent sign that they’ll be reliable. These freelancers have been on Fiverr for at least 180 days, and have delivered over 100 orders (earning at least $20,000), all while keeping their buyers satisfied.

Is Fiverr Safe?

Fiverr is very safe unless the transactions and communications are made within the platform. It holds the buyer payment as well as the seller’s work to protect both sides. Also, all transactions are secure and encrypted because Fiverr complies with the highest security standards as a Level 1 PCI-DSS service provider.

Data Security & Privacy: Is Personal Data Safe on Fiverr?

Fiverr is secure and encrypted, all of your personal details are protected as long as you have a secure internet connection. It complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the world’s most robust privacy and security law.

Any site compliance with this law means you’ve control over accessing or deleting your personal data stored on that website.

Since Fiverr complies GDPR, you can delete or access your personal details any time you want from this platform and your personal details are safe.

Can you get scammed on Fiverr?

Well, it depends on whether you give scammers a chance to scam you or not. Just like many other platforms, Fiverr also comes with a host of possible scams as well.

But with the tips I am going to share with you, you can avoid scams, and be safe on Fiverr.

Tips to Avoid Scams on Fiverr & Be Safe

The majority of the scams happen with buyers and sellers is because they don’t know or pay attention to the red flags that might put them in a situation where they might be scammed.

Here are some tips that’ll help you to avoid scams, identify the red flags, and find out non-legitimate sellers and buyers.

Tip For Buyers

1. Nevel deal outside Fiverr 

One of the biggest reasons why most buyers get scammed is because they deal outside the platform just to avoid the Fiverr commission. Fiverr clearly mentioned that any payments outside of their platform are not guaranteed.

So never deal outside the platform especially if you didn’t work with the seller before and if any seller forces you to deal outside then it means you are probably looking at a scam.

2. Review the order within 3 days of delivery

If you placed an order but you’re not responding to the seller messages, chances are some sellers might try to trick you and deliver your order without actually finishing it.

After 3 days, the order will be marked as complete automatically and the seller will be get paid.

However, Fiverr has a grace period of 13 days after an order has been marked completed and during that period they can cancel your order for you.

To do that, you’ve to contact the Fiverr customer support team and request them to cancel the order for you because the delivered order isn’t as described in the gig.

But the best practice is whenever you order a service, it’s your responsibility to review the order within 3 days of delivery and check if it is as described in the seller service, and are you satisfied with it or not.

3. Avoid the worthless gigs that may hurt your business 

There are some types of gigs on Fiverr that are just a waste of time and can even hurt your online business.

These gigs include unlimited website traffic, YouTube video views, etc…


fiverr scam legit reviews

Tips For Sellers

1. Nevel deal outside Fiverr

As we talked above, the buyer should never deal outside Fiverr but the same goes for the seller as well.

For sellers dealing outside the platform can be a big problem as compared to the buyers. The buyers might only lose their money but the seller might lose their account.

However, It doesn’t mean that the buyer’s account can’t be banned since they’re violating Fiverr terms of services but the buyer can create a new account in minutes.

While if the seller has good reviews and the gigs of the sellers are ranking then it will be hard for them to get orders quickly on a new account.

So if you’re a seller, never deal outside Fiverr especially if you didn’t work with the buyer before.

2. Be Transparent In Your Gig

As a seller, you’ve to be transparent about each and everything in your service and describe what buyers will get if they order your gig, especially in custom orders.

It’ll help you if a buyer expects too much from your service that wasn’t described in your gig.

By describing each and everything and then if anything goes wrong and the buyer wants to cancel the order, you can prove yourself right to the Fiverr customer support team and avoid the affect on your cancellation rate and get your payment as well.

Tips To Find The Best Legitimate Sellers On Fiverr

One of the best ways to get the best seller possible to hire for your projects is to do the following things:

  • Check the reviews and read what people are saying about the seller’s service. Always hire a seller with at least more than 4-star ratings.
  • Read the gig description carefully to know what you’ll get if you order the service.
  • Read the FAQ section so you don’t have any doubts about the service.

Before reading the description, FAQs section, services, and all that you must check reviews first and if the reviews of the seller are good then pay attention to the rest.

Also, always contact the seller first before placing an order and negotiate about your project so the seller can understand exactly what you’re looking for and can deliver the best service possible.

Fiver: Types of Services You Should Avoid

As we said above, there are some gigs that you should avoid at all costs because you’ll not just waste your money on the gigs we are going to share but chances are, those gigs might hurt your online business as well.

1. Off-Page SEO Gigs

If you are familiar with SEO, then you probably know there are two of the most important factors for search engine optimization (SEO).

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

If you’re looking for On-page, keyword research, technical SEO services on Fiverr then there’s no problem with that because there are some good sellers for that.

However, if you’re thinking of buying an off-page SEO service then it will hurt your website rankings in the long run.


Because most of these gigs are worthless and the backlinks you’ll get will be spammy.

fiverr scam legit reviews

We don’t want to dig deeper into that but we strongly recommend you avoid buying off-page SEO services because Google is smarter in identifying spammy backlinks.

2. Web Traffic & YouTube Views Gigs

Driving real traffic to your website, YouTube channel, or any of your online platforms isn’t easy so some buyers just use Fiverr services and expect the real traffic.

But you know what – most of these driving web traffic and YouTube views gigs literally don’t do anything.

However, the fake traffic will make you happy for some time. 😛

But why should you avoid traffic gigs?

The reason is, the traffic you’ll get on your website, YouTube channel, or something else is driven mostly from fake traffic tools.

Those tools will send thousands of fake/bot traffic to your website/Youtube channel and you’ll see the traffic in numbers but the truth is no one will actually be using your website or watching your YouTube channel.

Even though they (gig sellers) are claiming that they drive real people to you.

fiverr scam legit reviews

fiverr scam legit reviews

fiverr scam legit reviews

3. Shoutouts & Promotion Gigs

Never buy shoutouts or promotions gigs because most of the accounts on which you’re going to get the shout out will have very low engagements.

fiverr reviews scam legit

However, there are very few legit shouts out gigs that are worth buying but most of them are worthless because they might have millions of followers but their posts get only a couple of likes and comments.

So avoid shoutouts and promotions gigs or do proper research of the page on which you were going to get the shout out before ordering.

These are some of the main service categories you should avoid. However, if you’ve any other worthless gigs service category suggestions let me know in the comments.

You should only increase web traffic targeted to only really matter for your business.

Is Fiverr Worth It?

In our own personal experience, yes, it’s totally worth it. Why?

  • You can sell “anything”, and hence whatever your digital expertise is, can be monetized.
  • $5 gigs make it cheap and affordable.
  • Makes it easy and fast for buyers to find someone willing to get their task done instantly without much research.

Fiverr, as a platform is totally worth it if you consider its infrastructure, working principles and other aspects. It’s quite brilliant to be honest.

But the only time it becomes not worth your time is when you run out of luck, and have to deal with someone who forces you into a dispute, in which case the ill-famous Fiverr support fails to cater to your needs.

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Fiverr reviews: Scam or Legit?

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Is Fiverr Legit, Scam or Worth it?
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